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  • Welcome to – Exploring Italian History, Culture, and Travel

    Do you have a passion for Italian history, culture, and travel? If so, I welcome you to This website will provide an engaging and informative experience that will help you enhance your knowledge of the country’s past and present. I am excited to get started on this journey together! What You Will Find on On this website, you will find a treasure trove of information about Italy’s rich cultural heritage. From exploring the ancient ruins of Rome (BC and AD) to discovering the artistry of Florence, the site provides comprehensive Facts and Figures about Italy, its Government, and the Italian people. On top of that, the site provides images and detailed maps that illustrate the rich history of this breathtaking country and its diverse regional cultures. The articles and information contained in are based on many years of personal experience and my family history and research of materials published by subject matter experts. Exploring Italian culture should be an immersive experience th at leaves you feeling like you have taken a journey through time. Ergo .... I invite you to join me on this exciting journey through historical and present Italy, the streets of major cities, any of the twenty wonderful regions, and beyond! No matter where your interests lie or how much time you have available, whether it is days or weeks, I guarantee that this website provides something for everyone who is looking to explore Italy’s incredible history and culture. I look forward to taking this adventure together with you here at! Ciao e Buon divertimento (Goodbye & Have Fun)! Gianni PS: email suggestions ( .

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  • Trentino Italy History, Facts, Regions - Arcaini

    Trentino-Alto Adige Capital: Trento Area: 13,606 km2 | 5,253 mi2 Population: 1,077,932 (2019 est) Provinces: Bolzano | Trento ​ Rivers/Bodies of Water: Adige Albès Aldino Allinz Altafossa Anterselva Arbusti Aurino Avigna Avisio Bargone Bianco Brenta Cismon Fossa D’Adige ​Gadera Isarco Noce Passirio Rienza Sarca Talvera Tinne Valsura Vanoi Italy Regions

  • Umbria Italy History, Facts, Regions - Arcaini

    Umbria Capital: Perugia Area: 8,464 km2 | 3,268 mi2 Population: 859,572 (2019 est) Provinces: Perugia | Terni ​ Rivers/Bodies of Water: Aggia Arnata Assino Attone Caina Caldaro Calvana Campiano Carpinella Chiascio Chienti di Gelagna Chiona Clitumnus Corbara Erchi Faena Fersinone Formanuova Genna Lama Mansola Maranzano ​Marmore Maroggia ​Menotre Moiano Mussino Naia Nese ​Nestor ​​Ose ​Padonchia ​Paganico ​Pescia ​Piediluco ​Puglia ​Pugliola ​Rasina ​Rio grande ​Ripignolo ​San Severo ​Saonda ​Scarzola ​Scatorbia ​Sciola ​Soara ​Tescino ​Tescio ​Tessino ​Teverone ​Tiber ​Timia ​Tissino ​Trasimeno ​Tresa ​Valdimonte ​Vaschi ​Ventia Italy Regions

  • Puglia Italy History, Facts, Regions - Arcaini

    Puglia / Apuglia Capital: Bari Area: 19,541 km2 | 7,545 mi2 Population: 3,912,166 (2019 est) Provinces: Bari | Barletta-Andria-Trani | Brindisi | Foggia | Lecce | Taranto ​ ​ Italy Rivers/Bodies of Water: Basentello Bilera Candelaro Carapelle Carapellotto Casanova Celone Cervaro Fiumarella Fortore Gravina Gravina di laterza Jorenzo ​Lagnone Lama Lavella Lenne Locone Marana Capacciotti Marana Cerasa Ofanto Pentecchia Salsola Sannoro Staina Tare Triolo Vulcan Regions

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