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About this Website

This website provides useful information about Italy and its rich history.  I am also periodically adding general information related to my family, general historic events, and business related information.  My original website crashed thanks to an update by the web design platform I used when I first built the site in the late 1990s. I have re-built and updated my original site, which now is  According to plan, the site will automatically be re-directed to this site.  Please let me know if you are experiening ay issue with visiting or navigating the site.

About Me

I was born in Milan, Italy (let’s say, long time ago), to my mother "Marianne (Mädy)", originally from Munich, Bavaria, Germany, and my father, Prof. Ferruccio Arcaini, a true Milanese Italian.  I completed my early education at a Jesuit Boarding school in Austria and attended high school in Germany.  I graduated from a state business school in Frankfurt, Germany.  

Prior to immigrating to the United States in 1983, I spent over 10 years in various executive capacities in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and The Netherlands, where I joined Robex International Recreatie Groep (Resort Development Group) as Executive Vice President.  Robex was the largest European multi-national resort development company at the time, with headquarters in Amsterdam the Netherlands, and subsidiaries in 9 countries.  The company was a joint venture of three publicly traded companies, who appointed me to the position of Chief Executive Officer in 1981.  I eventually acquired the company in a leveraged buyout, and subsequently led the expansion of the company’s operations to the United States.  I immigrated to the US with my family in 1983 (the best decision I have ever made), where I took residence in Jacksonville, Florida (another luckily great choice). 

I have been Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, and President of multiple companies, both domestic and overseas since 1981.


I retired in September of 2020 from my position as Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Duos Technologies Group, Inc., and its operating subsidiary Duos Technologies, Inc., a high-tech solutions provider with focus on the security and transportation industries.  Earlier that year, my capable team and I completed the company's uplisting to NASDAQ, a national public exchange (NASDAQ: DUOT).

During my tenure at Duos, I have been the primary inventor of eleven (11) technology patents and a myriad of non-patented technology solutions currently being commercialized in various applications. 

When Katheryne Chappell Drennon, the owner of Chappell Early Learning Centers, and one of my closest friends, passed away in 2015, I followed her wish to join the board of Trustees of her Family trust, who is the owner of Chappell Schools.  After some reorganization I also joined the Board of Directors of Chappell Schools, LLC, who's Chairman I remain today.

I see myself as a visionary with a deep understanding of the realities of building and growing companies with ties to both sides of the ocean.  I function best and am most effective when faced with complex challenges.  

I am fluent in German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and English and conversational in French, so feel free to write your emails in any of these languages.

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