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Italian Coat of Arms

Italian history is long and varied, and its symbolism and traditions are equally impressive.  Italy’s current Coat of Arms dates back to 1948. 

At the center is a white star with a red border stemming from arms of previous kingdoms. The Big Star of Italy adorns the Italian coat of arms, signifying the nation’s power and identity. Translated to ‘Repubblica Italiana’ in Italian, this Big Star of Italy represents the immense determination held by each Italian citizen.

Also portrayed on the Big Star of Italy is a Fouled Anchor that symbolizes hope and resurrection with historical roots linked to Byzantine artworks such as the ‘Agia Porphyriegene". These Latin words meaning ‘The Holy Birth-Giver’ illustrate how deeply rooted in religious beliefs Italy truly is. The Big Star undoubtedly stands for resilience, courage, and History itself – all important aspects preserved by every proud member of Repubblica Italiana.


​The tips pointing downwards symbolize Italy as a united state. During the years of the kingdom, it was referred to as the “big star of Italy”. The star was later superimposed on a gear which symbolizes work. The Italian constitution states that Italy is a country based on [common] work. The star and gear are supported by an olive branch, a symbol of peace also symbolizing the southern part of the country, and an oak branch, a symbol of strength also symbolizing the northern part of the country. A red ribbon includes the official name of the state, “REPUBBLICA ITALIANA” in white capital characters.

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