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Who is Who in Italian History

Nicola Fabrizi
1804 - 1885
Nicola Fabrizi

Nicola Fabrizi, was born April 4 1804 in Modena Italy. (Some sources date Fabrizi’s birthday March 31, 1804.)

He is considered to be one of the most dedicated leaders of Italy’s early Risorgimento movement, the movement aimed at Italy’s unification.

He inspired democratic ideas throughout his life, and was instrumental in planning Milan’s unsuccessful attempt of rising against Austria in 1831.

Fabrizi was arrested after participating in Ciro Menotti’s unsuccessful ” conspiracy ” to revive the revolution in Modena. One year later he was freed and exiled to Marseille, France where he joined the ” Giovine Italia ” movement, led by Mazzini. After participating in the unsuccessful uprising in Savoy he again was forced to flee first to Spain and later to Malta where he founded the ” Legione Italica “. He later joined Garibaldi’s movement who appointed him to his Secretary of War.

​After the unification he was promoted to General and was elected to house of representatives.

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